Northwest Quad Association of Puget Sound


Walker Valley

Quad and 4×4 trails and roads.  Easy to hard.  East of Mt Vernon.  Off Hwy 9 at Big Lake to Walker Valley Rd to Peter Burns Rd.  Discover pass required.  About an hour north of Seattle.

Naches Trail

Moderate to extreme trails.  The nasty spots have bypasses.  Seasonal so check with the Forest Svc.  Greenwater east of Enumclaw, 60 miles from Seattle.

Elbe Hills

Moderate to extreme trails.  Some 4×4 trails.  Just outside of Elbe.  About 60 miles from Seattle, SE of Eatonville towards Mt Rainier.


Novice to extreme.  Has a 4×4 park that is good for beginners.  Open year round and has some nice campgrounds.  Check with DNR person for campground dates.  Near Belfair WA.  80 miles from Seattle.

Evans Creek

Moderate to extreme.  This is a forest service site and info is available at Enumclaw ranger station.  Be sure to go to the campground to unload.  Forest Service pass required.  Off the road to Lake Mowich in Mt Rainier.  Go in from Buckley.  60 miles from Seattle.

Beverly Dunes

Small dune area on the east side of the Columbia River.  Cross on I90 then south on 26 to 243.  South to Crab Creek road.  East.  About 160 miles from Seattle.

Potholes/Moses Lake dunes

Easy riding but watch the tops of dunes for drop off.  Not a place to go summer weekends or 3 day holidays.  185 miles from Seattle.


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Christmas Valley

Riding is sand dunes and roads, easy to difficult.  A place to shoot guns.  Hiking.  Dry camping in the dunes.  2 motels and an RV park in town.  22 miles town to dunes.  Christmas Valley is south of Bend Or.  About 500 miles from Seattle.

Coos Bay

Dunes and the ocean, what can be better?  415 miles south of the center of the universe (Duvall, WA).  There are camp grounds in the area, or you can stay in town at hotel and trailer out to the area (only a 10 minute drive).  If you stay at the camp grounds you need to go into town once just to go over the beautiful bridge.


Other sand dune areas?




Mackay is an old copper mining town in Idaho that hosts an annual event called the “Rally in the Pines” ( usually in July.  This year it is July 10-12th.  I stole a bit from there website: “High majestic peaks will tower above you, as you ride over mountain passes and along alpine streams. Incredibly beautiful rides that rival the Alps in Switzerland. Mountain peaks over 12,000 feet!  You can ride into the history of the Old West. Join the Mega Fun Run or take the Haunted Mine Hill Night Ride and you will visit historic cabins, ghost town sites, a railroad trestle and mines.”

Seriously great trails for SxS and ATV’s.  Everything is well marked and there historical sites are well maintained.


Nice quad friendly town.  You can drive right up to the gas station or restaurant.  To ride the roads you need to get a plate for your quad.  Take your registration, 3 bucks for 6 years as long as your Washington tabs are up to date.  Also a mirror and a horn. I don’t have a horn but do have a mirror.  Lots of roads and trails to ride.  Easy to difficult.  Can get dusty so bring a mask or bandana.  You are also supposed to have a shovel and axe and bucket, (your helmet can be your bucket) at least in your party to fight forest fires.  Yes it does happen.  Lots of mining stuff in the area.  1 campground and several motels in town.  380 miles from Seattle.

St Anthony’s 

Dunes riding with some of the tallest dunes around.   Very cool volcanic lava fiends amidst the dunes.  Camp grounds are at Sand Hills Resort and you can ride out of camp.  About 800 miles SE.



Shoshone Trails

Easy to hard riding.  Trails and roads.  Up to 8000 ft elevation.  High desert.  Designed for motorcycles and 4 wheel atvs.  Millcreek campground.  Access is south of Battle Mountain, which is south of Winnemucca Nev.  on State Route 305 to Red Rock Canyon turnoff.  Little over 700 miles from Seattle.



Mile High Lodge, Face Lake, BC

Near Logan Lake and Kamloops.  Also known as Greenstone for Greenstone Mt.  Access to hundreds of miles of roads and trails.  Can go out for half, full day or 2 day trips.  Novice to experience.  Nice cabins and camping area.  Kamloops is 40 min away and has just about everything.  6 hours from Seattle.

Kamloops, BC

Need a write up


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