Northwest Quad Association of Puget Sound
You may wish to download a copy of the club membership brochure.

Club membership dues run March to March annually.
New club memberships require an additional $5 the first year to cover paperwork, membership cards, and club stickers.
Please make sure your PayPal account has your real name in it, or send us a note with your PayPal ID so we can match your payment to a membership form.
Please choose the appropriate option below for an electronic payment for your membership.

NOTE that these links set up recurring payment subscriptions in PayPal.

Once you have set this up, money will be withdrawn automatically each year.

* Please note that online prices are slightly different from what is indicated in the brochure.

This allows us to maintain the club dues after PayPal’s percentage.

New Single Membership (Recurring)
Use this one if you are not currently a paying member.

New Family Membership (Recurring)
Use this one if you do not already have a current paying family membership.

Membership Renewals (Recurring)
Use this one if you are already a paying member, but want to start using PayPal to renew. Drop down to select type.

One-Time Payments (Not Recurring)
Use this option if you want to send a single payment without setting up an automatic yearly withdrawal.
Drop down to select type.

View and Modify Your PayPal Subscriptions

If you have a subscription issue, please go to the “Contact Us” page send us a good description of what the issue is and your contact information, and we will get back to you.
P.S. – The phrase “It’s not working” is NOT a good description.


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